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(serving the corporate, small business, non-profit and government sectors)     


- Management

Organizational Assessment

Professional Coaching & Mentoring

Middle Manager/Supervisor Transition Training 

- Planning

Strategic Planning

Succession Planning

Active Threat Preparedness for schools, businesses, and corporate environments

- Development

Millennial Leadership Development

Instructor Development

Learning & Development for Employees

An judge taking notes


- Firearms Training

Concealed Carry

General Handling and Safety

Shooting Fundamentals

Women's Firearm & Defense

- Emergency Medical Care

First Response to Gunshot Wounds

CPR / First Aid

Wilderness Medicine (Coming Soon)

- Legal Aspects

Know your rights

Constitutional Law and How it Pertains to you

- Home Defense

Developing strategies for home and

personal defense, situational awareness, legal review, and criminal deterrents through environmental designs.


- Law Enforcement

Constitutional Law for Patrol

Tactical Medical First Aid for Patrol

Bias Free Policing

- Administrative Training

5 Year Planning

Strategic Planning

Mission & Vision Statement Creation/Implementation

Instructor Development

Leadership and Management Evolution

Government Building


Headquartered in Montana


Finding Solutions

Where are the gaps in your organization, your personal training and your knowledge?  Let’s have a conversation to work together to close those gaps and make you better.

Plan of Action

Our team will work with you to reach the goals needed to accomplish your objectives

Actionable Steps

It all starts with a conversation.  Let’s discover how to get you or your organization from where you are to where you want to be.

Our Process
About us


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Matthew Roth 

Matthew has over 25 years of public service in EMS, Fire, Law Enforcement and Adult Education.  From leading teams as a front-line supervisor to managing risk, liability, and exposure in professional standards. He holds a Master Instructor Certification from California’s Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training’s Instructor Development Institute. Matthew’s research during his Master Instructor program centered on Succession Planning in the public sector, focusing on Millennial Leadership Development, Talent Pooling, Talent Management, and Career Development through Coaching and Mentoring. He is an adjunct professor in Constitutional Law and Forensic Science-Crime Scene Investigations.

Along with graduating from the University of La Verne with a Bachelor’s degree in Public Administration, he holds an Executive Master of Leadership degree from the University of Southern California (USC) where he graduated with Honors. His work at USC included Leading Groups and Teams, Strategic Planning development, and Leading Transformations Across Sectors where he presented on Generational Leadership Development. 

Matthew employs his education and experience to develop leaders in the corporate, non-profit and public sectors.  His collaboration approach working with clients, to foster and create high impact teams in their organizations through facilitating professional development and growth by way of focused individual coaching and concentrated employee development has proven to be highly successful.  

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Ryan Roth 

Ryan has 14 years of experience as a deputy sheriff where she served in a variety of capacities including, custody, patrol, field training officer, gangs, public information officer and as a training officer at the academy.  As a department training instructor at the academy, she became focused on developing others as a Firearms and Defensive Tactics instructor.  Her experience and demeanor naturally segued her to teach community groups in both firearms and self-defense.  Ryan is frequently called upon to host women’s self-defense courses by community groups and individuals.    

Developing new shooters and helping to enhance experienced shooters, she saw a wide variety of learning styles come before her.  Working with diverse populations on the streets, in the classroom and on the range afforded her the abilities to work with almost anyone.  Instilling confidence by encouraging growth and faith, Ryan’s ability in the classroom and on the range transitions well into the office setting where she oversees the management of our organization.

Michael Guirguis, M.D.

Dr. Guirguis is a graduate of Harvard Medical School. He is an Emergency Medicine/ER Physician with over 19 years of experience in EMS and Pre-Hospital Care. He is a Reserve Deputy Sheriff and Law Enforcement Flight Physician for a major Southern California Law Enforcement Air Rescue team.

He consults for Corporate Security and Executive Protection teams performing duties domestically and internationally. Doc Guirguis is part of the Board of Executive Protection Professionals working group and technical committee involved with writing the "Standard on Providing Executive Protection.”

He is currently the Medical Director of a large Private Family Office providing security services and recently stepped down as Medical Director of the 911 Dispatch center for large Southern California County after 10 years.

The majority of Doc Guirguis’s experience is in Pre-Hospital Care and Emergency Medical Services, which involves managing and providing medical care at dozens of mass gathering events including large venue concerts/raves, sporting events, Baker 2 Vegas, BAJA 500/1000, NASCAR, Motor Cross, and Indy racing.


As a member of the Air Rescue team, he has responded to over 800 trauma and medical scenes where technical rescue may have been performed, including intervening with Advanced Life Support interventions to save the life of a deputy who had been shot in the line of duty. His real-life experiences enable him to have great credibility in the classroom and in the field as a medical director and a practitioner with hands-on experience. We are proud to have Michael Guirguis, M.D. as part of the team as our Medical Director and advisor.

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